SheHATEme2's First Battlefield Bad Company Montage

Discussion in 'The Chill Gamers Lounge' started by fattony69, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. fattony69

    fattony69 Administrator Staff Member

    I want to say before I give you what he has to say and such that this is SheHATEme2's first montage and I enjoyed and you will too.

    Click on the picture to download
  2. Matt

    Matt Well-Known Member

    Awesome clips thrown in with an awesome choice for music. This montage is one of the best I have seen for Bad Company.
  3. wingless

    wingless ThisIsFor'Em


    I liked it, the game itself looks really hard to play. Liking those noscopes.
  4. No121Else

    No121Else Technicians!

    I am downloading, I will edit this when I watch. I was thinking of making one myself now that im getting my new PC, I actually am good at this game and think I would have some good clips.

    EDIT: I really liked that gameplay and the editing was good. I was confused at first for some reason I thought it was the #2 demo montage. I really liked it. Good Job :)
  5. Velocity

    Velocity Well-Known Member

    I remember hating this game in the Beta. Was wayyyyy to big for me. Still, some pretty good looking kills.

    Didn't really sync with the music but idk if that matters for this type of a game.

    Overall, enjoyable.
  6. Arsonism

    Arsonism Kill it with fire Staff Member

    DLin... Will edit.
  7. sheHATEme2

    sheHATEme2 Well-Known Member

    Oh that's weird, wingless uploaded, the audio got taken down but now it's back. Here's youtube link

  8. Acklete

    Acklete TBFE MLGenius

    I liked it man, I would have been able to appreciate it more had I played the game but some of those no scope rocket kills into helicopters looked hard as hell

    ESPN MAST3R The Realist

    Mashallah hadha montage kuwais.
  10. wingless

    wingless ThisIsFor'Em

    I agree with this.

    I think.
  11. Donkey

    Donkey Kai

    That was awesome. Is flying helicopters in that as hard as in the BFBC2 beta?
  12. No121Else

    No121Else Technicians!

    BBC2 is easy, and WAY easier then BBC1
  13. Donkey

    Donkey Kai

    Flying helicopters is so hard for me. I always crash

    ESPN MAST3R The Realist

    They noobed out the BBC2 version.
  15. LiL PAYN3


    It seems to be a growing trend with sequels.
  16. Arsonism

    Arsonism Kill it with fire Staff Member

    Enjoyed this, commented on quisk though :\

    Have to say thanks for the shoutout again sheHATEme2

    ESPN MAST3R The Realist

    Yeah the developers want to make games noob friendly, so they have a larger market to market the game to. For example games like shadowrun require way too much skill for average gamers like myself to pick it up. Thats why shadowrun did not do good because of the small market they either intentionally or unintentionally targeted.
  18. xZx Axel xZx

    xZx Axel xZx New Member

    Damn that was a pretty good montage.
    Nice music aswell
  19. Box Yo Face

    Box Yo Face Active Member

    loved it, saved were owning with them rockets
    cant wait to hit the battlefield again

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