Helmet Would Have Saved Motorcyclist Who Crashed During Anti-helmet Protest Ride

Discussion in 'On-Topic' started by Peter, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Peter

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    Helmet Would Have Saved Motorcyclist Who Crashed During Anti-Helmet Protest Ride

    A 55-year-old New York man was riding in an American Bikers Aimed Towards Education helmet-protest ride Saturday when he fishtailed, "went over the handlebars of his motorcycle and injured his head on the pavement." The head injury killed him.

    Evidence at the scene and information from the attending physician indicate Contos would have survived if he had been wearing a Department of Transportation approved helmet, troopers said.​
    Parish man, protesting motorcycle helmet laws, dies from head injury, troopers say [Post-Standard] (H/T @sportsfeeder1)

    Not really thread-worthy, but you can eat my butt if you don't like it.
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  2. No121Else

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    Saw this yesterday but didn't have much to say on it lol.
  3. Sovereign

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    Welp, who would have guessed. They do need helmets...
  4. Stick

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    what goes around, comes around.
  5. wingless

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    Do you think they are still going to have Anti-helmet protest rallies?
  6. Drew

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    Saw this yesterday too...America at it's finest.
  7. lilmuleman214

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    lol thats guys a rutard
  8. wingless

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    I will win this funny picture battle:

  9. Empire

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    You don't ride without a helmet. period. If you want to 'feel the wind in your hair', get a fucking convertible like a regular asshole with a midlife crisis.
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  10. EnergiE

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    Move to Arizona you don't have to wear a helmet there.
  11. Velexis

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    Amusing. Personally I see nothing wrong with the protest and whether you should wear helmets or not - although ironic. Let whoever do what they like in their personal space, even if it does kill them.

    Do you have pro-helmet protests in America?

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