10 Minutes Of Arkham City Gameplay

Discussion in 'The Chill Gamers Lounge' started by wingless, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. wingless

    wingless ThisIsFor'Em

  2. No121Else

    No121Else Technicians!

    Not going to watch it, but I cannot wait to play this game.
  3. lilmuleman214

    lilmuleman214 Member

    I wanna kick ass as robin and catwoman!!!
  4. jasonSuFi

    jasonSuFi Official Forum Badass

    Fuck playing as Robin that ass faggot
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  5. MX1CAN

    MX1CAN Moderator

    That was pretty sweet. It seems like combat will be more fluid with Catwoman but it also seems Batman has more moves of his own. I'll definitely be getting it.
  6. MX1CAN

    MX1CAN Moderator


    Who's getting it when it drops this Tuesday? I already have it pre-ordered.
  7. No121Else

    No121Else Technicians!

    I am not getting it (not putting money on games right now) but I will be getting it from Gamefly once I send Gears & Dead Island back. I can't wait to play it, seems really good and it is getting amazing scores from almost every critic.
  8. MX1CAN

    MX1CAN Moderator

    I figured you'd be first in line haha I've been watching my game spending as well but this is a must have according not only for batman fans but also for those looking for a great game because like you said it's getting great reviews.

    I know Jason is getting it. Anyone else?

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